At Cornwall People First we help each other connect with the community. Here is our latest short film showing what has been happening at our forums.

Cornwall People First has Forum meetings all over Cornwall where people with learning disabilities speak up about things that are important to them, have fun, meet old and new friends, share information, learn new skills, meet visitors like councillors or liaison nurses, visit places in the community like the fire station and connect with their communities. If you have a learning disability and would like to get involved, just come along.

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Cornwall People First are now offering a self-advocacy service for people in Cornwall on the autism spectrum. To start this we are running some pilot self-advocacy forums. There will be one forum in the East and one forum in the West. Click on the links below for more information:

Autism Forums
Contact: Suzanne Leggett
Map of West CornwallMap of East Cornwall
Redruth Autism Forum
24th January 2017
Autism Forum Redruth 24-01-2017
Liskeard Autism Forum
23rd November 2016
Autism Forum East 23-11-2016


Connect: CPF LD Forums Map 2015

Each learning disability forum votes for a representative to take their views and experiences to Cornwall’s Learning Disability Partnership Board. Our forum reps feed back information to the board so that things can be improved and changed. CLICK HERE to see more about our Cornwall People First forum reps.

Our North and East forums are run by Manu MacDonald. Our Mid and West forums are run by Roxanne Sutherland. See the table below for upcoming forum dates. Click on the links to see the forum invites.

Learning Disability Forums
Contact: Roxanne Sutherland
Map of West CornwallMap of East Cornwall
Penzance Forum
26th January 2017
Penzance Forum Invite 26-01-2017
Bude Forum
17th November 2016
Bude Forum Invite 17-11-2016
Redruth Forum
13th October 2016
Redruth Forum Invite 13-10-2016

Launceston Forum
16th November 2016
Launceston Forum Invite 16-11-2016
Helston Forum
17th November 2016
Helston Forum Invite 17-11-2016
Saltash Forum
1st December 2016
Saltash Forum Invite 1-12-2016
Newquay Forum
18th January 2017
Newquay Forum Invite 18-01-2017
Liskeard Forum
29th November 2016
Liskeard Forum Invite 29-11-206
St Austell Forum
26th January 2017
St Austell Forum Invite 26-01-2017
Bodmin Forum
13th December 2016
Bodmin Forum Invite 13-12-2016

If you can’t see upcoming Forum invites, please¬† keep checking. We put them here when we have them.

We are hoping that more Forums will be set up in the near future.

Please contact us on 01736 334857 if you would like to find out more about our forums.

Or you can send an email

As well as our forums, people can ask for support for self-advocacy, or ask for self-advocacy on someone’s behalf. If you would like to do this, complete and return to us our self-advocacy referral form:

CLICK HERE to download the CPF Referral Form 2015

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